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What is ManageMyHealth™?

ManageMyHealth™ is a secure website which can receive your health information from your doctor's system. It can also be used to store other health related information which may not be recorded within your doctor's system, such as other treatments you have received or other medications which you may be taking. This allows access to your personal health information from any Internet device at any time, anywhere in the world. The website has many other features such as health related news, community forums and access to wellness initiatives. Over time we intend to make many more features available within ManageMyHealth™, providing an essential online tool to assist you in managing health and wellness for you and your family.

What does ManageMyHealth™ offer?

ManageMyHealth™ offers you the ability to have an online Personal Health Record, which is accessible any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection, ideally broadband.

Your doctor will discuss with you what information may be helpful to you, and then decide what information is sent to your electronic health record.

Your online Personal Health Record includes:

  • Laboratory results: once your doctor has reviewed your result it is sent to ManageMyHealth™.

  • Follow Ups: shows you any future appointments your doctor has asked you to come in for.

In addition to this you will be able to use the following:

  • Secure email: This allows you and your doctor to communicate securely, provided your doctor decides to activate this feature. Doctors must decide how best to cater for this extra need of their patients. Some doctors will be quicker to embrace this option than others.
  • Journal: Create an online journal where you could enter goals and record your progress, or simply record information you would like to discuss with your doctor next time you see them. You also have the ability to make a journal entry private which means only you are able to access this information.
  • Calendar: You are able to create calendar items to help remind you of things coming up such as any appointments or programs you may be involved with. In the near future we will provide you the option to be reminded via a text message to your mobile phone.
  • Community Forums: You are able to create your own discussion topic or simply join in with existing discussions. If you have any experience or wisdom, other patients similar to your self will be very grateful if you were to share your experiences.
  • Health News: We will monitor the Internet to find new articles which may be of interest to you

How is this good for me?

We believe ManageMyHealth™ will ultimately save you time and money. You will potentially get your lab results quicker, make confirmed appointments after hours, document health goals and record your progress in achieving them. When goals are documented they become imbedded in your subconscious mind and it is a critical step towards achieving them. Do not get too hung up on the HOW you will achieve a goal, instead focus on WHAT the goal is and WHY you want to achieve it. The WHY provides a focus as to WHAT you want to achieve. The greater value you place on the outcome of achieving a goal the more likely you are to want it and make it happen.

How much does it cost?

We won't charge patients for core functionality. Your Healthcare Provider may decide to charge you for various services, such as reordering prescriptions and advice. It is entirely up to you whether you use these chargeable services.

Will you sell my information?


Where are my medical records coming from?

These are the medical records that your practice has within their Patient Management System. This is known as "primary care medical history".

Can I view my children’s medical records?

Eventually yes. The beta program release of the website will not allow you to access other patient records. However, the system will be modified to allow access provided. In the case of patients 16 years or older, their consent or permission is necessary to gain access to their information. For patients who are unable to give permission you will need to provide legal evidence of responsibility for the individual to your Doctor.

How do I check who has accessed my information?

An audit file is maintained which you can access at anytime. The file contains information on your logons. It also contains entries of Healthcare Providers who have accessed your information. If you want to know why someone has accessed your information you should contact them directly.

How do I know if my information is protected over the Internet?

We use a digital certificate from VeriSign™ which ensures the information is protected by encryption. This feature is active when the path bar is shaded green, and https:// (secure http) is displayed instead of http://. The green bar appears only for recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox of your chosen web browser.

When using the website you may notice the green shade disappears, which means the information is not encrypted-e.g. reading news articles or community forum. Because this is not your personal information.

What happens if I change my doctor?

When you go and see your new Doctor ask them to link you to their Practice. Once this has been done information from this system will be sent to the website for you to access.

Who should use ManageMyHealth™?

Everyone should use ManageMyHealth™: you should, even if you are very healthy and don’t see your doctor often. You never know when an emergency situation may arise where your basic medical information could be critical, such as your blood type or any allergies you may have.

What are the computer and Internet connection requirements?

We recommend you use the latest Internet Browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as this will offer you the best performance and security using 256 bit encryption, which is the highest commercially available encryption strength in use today. However if you have an older version of a browser we can still guarantee 128 bit encryption using the latest digital certificate from VeriSign, which we provide for your protection. 128 bit encryption is currently the AU health sector standard. For the best experience, performance & protection we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or 8. 

Can other people send emails to my ManageMyHealth™ inbox?

ManageMyHealth™ emails do not work like normal email. They are not sent over the Internet to a defined location. Instead the emails sent within ManageMyHealth™ do not leave the ManageMyHealth™ system. ManageMyHealth™ emails have been specifically designed to allow you to communicate with your doctor(s) securely, so potentially sensitive emails with your doctor cannot be read by others. Only registered ManageMyHealth™ users can send & receive ManageMyHealth™ emails.

I am unable to send an email to my doctor.

It is a Doctors choice whether to allow emails to be sent to them. Or if you use inappropriately the doctor can blacklist you, which prevents you from sending them emails. For many doctors this is a new concept which they must get used to and understand how this functionality can be incorporated into their current work practices.

I could not find a print function

At this stage we have not implemented a print function. In the interim if you wish to print contents of ManageMyHealth™ we suggest you either

  • use the print feature on your browser, or
  • use the print screen function on your keyboard and past this into PAINT to allow you to print it.

Be very careful with your printouts if they contain your health information.

How to I contact the ManageMyHealth™ website provider?

General enquires can be emailed to

We will ensure your communication is directed to the appropriate person to answer your query.

Privacy & Security related enquires please send an email to

Or by writing to us at:

Level 2, 99 Coventry Street,
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