This Web site is secured with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Why did the address bar turn green?
You are visiting a site secured with Extended Validation (EV) SSL, the highest standard for Web site authentication. EV SSL signifies that our Organisation has passed a rigorous identity authentication process. In high-security browsers, an EV SSL Certificate triggers the browser address bar to turn green, display https://, and show the name of the Organisation that owns this Web site and VeriSign, the certificate authority that verified the owner's identity using a rigorous authentication process. When your address bar turns green, be sure to look to see that the owner of this Web site is the Organisation you intended to visit.

What does SSL mean?
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are the standard method used on the Internet to secure communications between Web users and Web sites. This technology both authenticates the identity of a Web site and encrypts communications between the user and the Web site. For over a decade SSL Certificates have served to authenticate Web sites using different methods of authentication. Some Certificate Authorities merely verify that the Organisation requesting the certificate has the right to use their stated Internet domain address. More rigorous authentication methods include requiring proof of identity, proof of Organisational status, and proof that the person is authorised by the domain holder to request a certificate.

What is Extended Validation SSL?
Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates represent the highest standard for authentication approved by the CA/Browser Forum, a group of leading SSL Certificate Authorities (CAs) and browser vendors. The standard requires that every Web site secured with EV SSL pass a certified process for rigorously verifying the identity of the Organisation responsible for that Web site. The validation process requires the CA to authenticate the certificate applicant's domain ownership and Organisational identity, as well as the individual approver's employment with the applicant, and authority to obtain the Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The VeriSign Certification Practice Statement outlines our authentication and verification processes.

Why does rigorous authentication matter?
When you follow a link to a Web site, how do you know it is real? There are criminals who create Web sites that look familiar in order to trick visitors into revealing personal and financial information. These "phishing" web sites can be very difficult to distinguish from legitimate Web sites. An Extended Validation SSL Certificate displays the authenticated name of the Organisation that purchased the SSL Certificate. If the SSL Certificate does not have Extended Validation, the Web site visitor will have to find another way to establish trust with the Web site such as clicking on a trust mark.

Why did you choose Extended Validation for this Web site?
We chose Extended Validation (EV) SSL to secure your online transaction with us because we take your online security very seriously. EV SSL signifies that our Organisation has passed the strict EV identity authentication process.